Az. Agricola Bonfadini


1956 grand father Giovanni B O N F A D I N I, always a farmer in Franciacorta, starts the Bonfadini farm.

1993 Graziano, one of Giovanni seven children, takes over the farm and continues to cultivate the vineyards and selling the grapes to large wine producers in Franciacorta; but in the back of his mind he always wanted to create something special with his own grapes.

2007 Francesca, Graziano’s daughter, wanting to honor the work that her grandfather and her father had done decided to start producing and bottling their own wines.

2010 Nobilium Brut was introduced to the market as the first Franciacorta D.O.C.G. B O N F A D I N I, this wine was an immediate success, but that alone was not enough for Francesca. Her constant attention to the finest details of all aspects of the wine business: from the growing of the grapes, vinification, aging, aesthetic aspects of the packaging and marketing means that from the first year’s initial 5000 bottles, B O N F A D I N I has grown to 50,000 bottles of four very distinct classical wines.

2013 with the addition of winemaker Gianni Gasperi, B O N F A D I N I succeeded in establishing its own distinctive identity, since then the wines have received many awards and positive feedback in Italy and abroad.

The future is exciting, Bonfadini is investing resources to equip the winery to produce up to 100,000 bottles a year.

New types of Franciacorta wines will be introduced and, as always,  BONFADINI will keep its highest standards of excellence.

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